Lexington Homestead, Victoria

Last spring I had the privilege of photographing the gardens at the Lexington Homestead in Moyston, Victoria.

The homestead is a very significant site not only for the Grampians District, but also Australia, as this was the home of Thomas Wills from the age of 4, the inventor of Australian Rules Football (AFL). It is said that he combined parts of a game called Marn Grook played by the Djab wurrung Aboriginal people and Rugby, creating the best sport in the world.

It is a beautiful homestead, and during the spring the gardens are in full bloom with a magic display of colour.

Extract from Heritage Victoria

Lexington homestead is a large brick homestead constructed circa 1851 for pastoralist Horatio Wills to replace an earlier structure of the 1840’s. Symmetrical in composition, the single storied house has three windows on either side of the central doorway. The timber framed verandah returns down the long side wings, which enclose a courtyard also with verandah. The hipped roof is clad in iron. Lexington Homestead is one of the earliest surviving substantial homesteads in Victoria. The house is an important example of the Colonial style in Victoria and is architecturally important for its form and furnishing. Lexington also has historical associations with the early settlement of the district, having been taken up by Wills in 1842. The arrangement of the windows of the principal facade is unusual and the use of courtyard verandahs is notable. Lexington homestead is largely intact and in good condition.

13 thoughts on “Lexington Homestead, Victoria

  1. Absolutely stunning photos. Thanks for sharing them. My great-great-great grandfather lived here (as an employee) in the 1850’s and apparently made the bricks for the homestead.

    1. Helo I lived there from 1962 – 1988 – we are going back this weekend. Would love to hear from you as we collect all the history. Prue

  2. My husband is a descendant of Horatio Wills so naturally it is wonderful to see the homestead still being used and so beautiful.

    1. Helo I lived there from 1962 – 1988 – we are going back this weekend. Would love to hear from you as we collect all the history. Prue

  3. Hi

    My ancestors – reelies also worked there as employees…Miriam Morrish Bullen – Laundress at time of marriage to the coachman in 1878. I can not find trace of them after their marriage, I wonder if the house or family has records….Thanks..James M

    1. We are going back there this weekend. Will ask about. As above, my family lived there for over 30 years.

      1. Hi Prue, HSW was my great great grandfather – would love to catch up at some stage.

  4. Hi Lexington HomesteadH.

    My late mother was Elizabeth Foley and hence I am currently researching into “The Foley Flock”. According to the marriage certificate of my mum’s g-ps Matthew Phillip Foley & Elizabeth McKenzie, they were married at Lexington in 1876. Would that have been at the Lexington Homestead, as I believ that Lexington is only a district.? If so, would there be any record of Matthew having worked there, as I believe he was a farm-labourer, who settled in Ararat and raised some 8 children with one of them being my g/f James Joseph Foley Snr. Also, would you know if Elizabeth McK’s parents, namely Duncan & Alexandrina McKenzie would have been local residents or land-holders? I believe the Foley Family had some connection with Rhymeny sometime after their marriage.

    Many thanks for the opportunity to be able to contact you & hope that you maybe able to throw some light on my early Foley Descendants or give me some idea where to look if I visit Ararat District, as my late mum’s 83 yr-old cousin has been my only living contact to the the Foley Past.

    Kind Regards

    Bob Caldwell (Bendgo, Vic)

  5. the gardens are being restored, but the low hedge, pictured here is gone.
    enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the gardens with friends from the Willaura Kindergarten yesterday. (16 November 2104). Property is on the market again. ..

  6. I am Horatio Wills Great Great Grand Daughter. We visited there some years ago It was a rush visit I loved it. My family live only about 10 ks as the crow flies from where Horatio and his workers were killed. We have a museum on the property containing information on the Wills Family

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