Purple Peruvian Potato Harvest


Today marked 48 days without rainfall, given that the last bit of rainfall was only 2mm on the 30th of December.
So with the tanks dwindling to less than a quarter full and a thick haze of smoke wafting in the air, it was time to begin the 2nd annual harvest of the  Purple Peruvian Potatoes. We were given these oblong strange tubers from a friend. So I planted them out from the very few we were given in 2007/08 season. After te first harvest we kept a few for seed stock and ate the large ones in one sitting. These potatoes turned out to be the most delicious and creamy potato I had ever eaten.

Our seed stock has multiplied considerably after this recent harvest, and we have had a bumper harvest fillingone basket full, that will probably keep us going for 3 meals.
The sandy, poorly drained soils of the Grampians are no match for the rich rolling hills of west Gippsland where Tony Middleton resides. It would be awesome to put some of these in the ground down there.


The shape of the potato is a bit off putting and somewhat resembles human faeces, however you wont be disappointed, I was reluctant to try at first, and used my family members as Guinea Pigs and waited to see what allergic reaction or side effect took place. As you can see the spud isn’t the biggest you’ve seen but is worth its weight in gold.


Hopefully after next season we might have purple mash potato on the table.

If the opportunity arises for you to taste, or to grow this great food source, I highly recommend it.
I bet you the Irish were pissed off when this particular variety of potato wasn’t washed up on their shoreline.

6 thoughts on “Purple Peruvian Potato Harvest

  1. That’s just what I wanted to know – truly!
    I’ve just harvested my first crop of kipflers.
    They are okay but I wanted to try a different potato for my next crop – I’m gunna grow purple ones!

  2. Hey Tom,

    Intriguing looking spuds, but if they are anywhere near as tastey as you say I’d like to try some one day.
    ‘Our’ rolling green hills of Sth/West Gippy are looking about as flash as my vegie garden – nackered ! In fact it’s as dry as I can ever remember it ! My place is sitting on 8mm for the YTD ! (YTD ave would be ~80mm).

    happy eating ! 😀

  3. Ingrid and I can`t wait to plant our vegie patch once we get into our house next month, we haven`t had any rain for quite some time either. We are in Melbourne for the long weekend, what are you up to?

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