Fishing or Photography?

Taylor's Lake - Golden Perch, Yellowbelly, Callop

Sorry it has been a while between posts. But between Christmas, New Years, locusts, tourism photo shoots, bad/harsh light and fishing there has not been much time.

The impoundments in the Wimmera are looking fabulous after a wet winter/spring in 2010. Many people are dusting off their boats that have been gathering dust over the past 12 years.

A mate and I have embarked of a journey to reduce the amount of Carp in our waterways, both European and Mirror Carp. We started by fishing up at Taylor’s Lake between Stawell and Horsham on Monday night when this Golden Perch aka Yellowbelly or Callop took my Carp rig. However I did release this native to die another day. We will continue our quest in the Wimmera River over the coming weeks.

Wimmera Yellowbelly, Golden Perch, Callop

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~ by thomasparkes on January 9, 2011.

5 Responses to “Fishing or Photography?”

  1. Nice catch there Tom, it’s great to see so much water around the SE again.

    • Cheers mate, it’s looking a treat.
      I also believe that the amount of rain we have received has contributed to the population boom of insect life, particularly the locusts and mosquitoes.

  2. Hey Tom, good to hear things are looking good over there at the moment.
    Looks like there are some interesting images to be had at that location.
    Good luck with the fishing!

  3. big fishy! the conditions do look good

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